Now Open Mondays


Espresso - £2.50

A strong slightly thicker shot of Italian coffee made by mixing a small amount of water with freshly ground coffee under high pressure giving a powerful, traditional coffee aroma.

Cappuccino - £2.50

A smooth blend of espresso and steamed velvety milk finished off with a frothy dome topped with a dusting of chocolate power.

Café Latté - £2.50

Made with a strong espresso base blended with plenty of steamed milk finished with a layer milk froth and sprinkled with chocolate powder.

Americano - £2.50

Two to three shots of espresso blended with equal amounts of water for those who find the traditional espresso a little too strong for their tastes.

Hot Chocolate - £2.50

Comforting, sweet and milky chocolate drink topped with milk foam and dusted with chocolate powder.

Moccacino - £2.50

An indulgent coffee made with a strong espresso base, blended with rich chocolate and steamed milk

Coffee & Cake - £5.00


Hot Chocolate - £3.50

Choose from sticky toffee or double chocolate – both topped with squirty cream & coco powder

Mulled Wine - £3.50

250ml glass now being served

Why not treat yourself to a Liquor Coffee? - £5

Brandy, Whiskey, Baileys, Tia Maria or Navy Rum.

All served with a thick cream lid